Wedding Night Lingerie

Underwear and Lingerie for your wedding night
What ever you decide to wear ensure you have the correct fitting lingerie on your wedding day. We recommend that bras/bra measurements be taken by a professional corsetiere. Remember that you'll be wearing it all day so it must be comfortable, it should compliment your figure, and outlines of the basque would normally not be seen through your dress.
The matromonial night is something celebrated in all cultures with a variety of different superstitions and actions. For most cultures, a marriage is about two people having babies and therefore continuing the success of the village. The night is therefore all about fertility, celebrating it and encouraging it. It is a very public celebration, apart from in your underwear!
It is also of course a celebration of a VERY private, intimate connection between two individuals who perhaps have never been this close and alone before. So the trick is to find a balance that you AND your partner are comfortable with, on this special evening!